Engineer Gives Interview After 28 Core Debacle


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
By now everyone knows about the Intel 28 core debacle where the cooling of the CPU was questioned and speculation mounted that Intel just threw in the towel at Computex. In order to set the record straight an engineer has come forward and agreed to an interview about this situation. Be forewarned that there is some NSFW language in the video due to the embarrassment of the 28 core situation. He's being straight forward and gets right to the point. I love this guy.

Watch the interview here.

Good interview. Spot on.

Damn great job, funny as hell!! OMG I just laughed my ass off...
These will never fucking get old. Reminds me of some my relatives conversations when I was young too.
I can't wait to hear what the Führer at Intel has to say about this...
Im gonna have to find a good source of video of Brian Krzanich's face and "deep fake" it over the Hitler's mug in a "Downfall" parodie. Then add some angry dialog of the failed 10nm chips and failure of their "AMDFLAWS. Ryzenfall ect " debacle
I have seen several of those videos and they're always a good laugh. Only part that made me pause was the jab at the FX-9590 as I still have one of those haha.
Steve jobs once did an announcement with an empty box. And people look up to him so of course this is done. That's why we have independent sites like Hard to do reviews
I did not think this day would come again when Intel is squirming and worried about AMD. Hooray for competition! (y)

Whats up with the 10nm though?
I cant confirm it was a Xeon overclocked, but i have it straight from an Intel Engineer that is was just Smoke and Mirrors, no real product in sight. He's flying down to Santa Clara Tomorrow to meet with Jim Keller, I'm worried about AMD after he left, it may take some time, but Intel will strike back as they did to the Athlon with the Core architecture. Hopefully AMD will be able to keep going and not run dry after the Zen roadmap dries up.