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[H]ard for [H]ardware
Jan 12, 2005
Not sure if I am the only one but I have not been receiving email notifications for 3 days. :confused:
Comcast uses trendmicro RBL's, H's IP is now blacklisted there for some reason, i would guess people are reporting the IP as a spam IP, so either change your email address or continue to not receive emails for your sub's, at this point nothing can be done until they remove the IP from the list.
I just want to add that now with a different email address I am currently not receiving email notifications as of yesterday morning.
This is really annoying and even so with the fact that I'm now using an email from my personal website and I'm not receiving any email from here, all test emails are received, but nothing from [H]
I don't know if it's related but, threads that I've viewed still show unread messages in my control panel.
Same with me on gmail.

Same here with Google Apps.

If it helps at all, I have also lost several other notifications from a few other companies that send me daily updates at my work email. Our spam filtering service keeps a log of every email that hits the system. We got like 15% total drop in email coming into the system for the past 3 days. Our SPAM email amounts stayed about the same, so it is a sustained 15% drop in legit emails.

If could be just a coincidence, but something is up and I don't like it. :(
I got the Private Message from Activate: AMD

Hey man, I'm having the same issue as you with the e-mails, except I tried to change my old address to a new one and now have not gotten a confirmation e-mail to verify. As a result, I can't post at all. I've tried 2 g-mail addresses and a work address and gotten nothing. If you wouldn't mind, could you post the issue in your thread as backup? I'd like to see this resolved as quick as possible and the more they know the better. Thanks!
Yes, outbound email has been broken since the DDOS attacks last week. We are now looking into it.
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