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  • Oh yea, forgot to mention it in the first pm; i'll take the q6600 + TRUE @ your price ^^
    Paypal's ready for you
    Thanks! Pls update me on the q6600 warranty status as well heh
    Hey, I've been on the H now over 7 years and haven't had any negative issues with fs/ft. Was wondering if I can have membership into the Trusted traders group. Heat under Pogo.
    any chance my good record would earn me an invite?

    HEAT: 55/0/0 Since 99 Under ck42866
    EBAY: 89/0/0 Under Pkirk618
    I would like to be invited in the trusted traders group on hard forum. The only "trusted trader" group that I want to use is this one currently. Anyway, it is up to you. I think you have a brilliant idea in my opinion. I hope Kyle knows about this. Take care.
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