Dashcat2 Build

I haven't had access to this account for over 3 years. Very long story. I just happened to find my password formula book and figured it out. I still have Dashcat2, full of spiderwebs. No heatsinks, no RAM, e-waste motherboards. But 2U cases still have room for decent GPUs. I made a practical cluster platform out of "garbage" and that's worth something I haven't figured out just yet. The fact Dashcat and Dashcat2 were mentioned in the same sentences/posts as projects like Helmer is pretty awesome to me. I don't have access to the YT channel where I posted the DC2 video in this thread, for lack of password, but I bet I can figure that out, too. At least I'll be more focused for the next chapter.

Keep It Zesty.
*exhale a-la Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate:// Level Zero* I am the bird of Hermes. [Not by choice.]

Oh boy-howdy do I have a story to tell, Mateys...
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MRC for Manufacturing Resource Center.*

When the going gets weird the Weird turn Pro.

Dashcat is turning Pro

32 Raspberry Pi nodes per 2U rack mount case. Machine Vision processing.

Ever wanted eyes on stuff that went wrong? Dashcat. It doesn't to take a Helicopter Pilot to know something's wrong if a Chopper is stuck in a tree.

* - It's a backronym. Add Artificial Intelligence. A.I. MARCI. Marci. Named for Mars. She's meant to be a long-term space travel companion, eventually.