CPU Usage Differences after Applying Meltdown Patch at Epic Games

NVME will not help you as the patches will just kill it's performance; you can verify this by testing latency with ram disk with and without patch.

Rubbish, SATA and Ethernet I/O is just as much affected, NVMe will help but is obviously still affected the same as any I/O device, there's no way in hell I'm wasting any of my 32Gb now that's it's got CPU perf issues post patch, that would make things 10 times worse, my VM's need all the RAM they can get.
My first question would have to be, how could they NOT know? I mean honestly, how could they only be getting half the performance they were expecting and NOT know something was up?
Why? This is literally one of the worst things that can happen to Intel at the worst time, they basically pulled down their pants and bent over for AMD.

I wouldn't be surprised if Intel literally took this shortcut, thinking, "who's gonna know, and it makes us faster, so we'll get more market share..." I mean, who knows what it's going to do to their chip designs when they try to put an actual fix into them. How many more transistors will that take? Will this impact opreations per clock cycle? How much more heat will that produce? Wanna bet that Intel actually already knows the answer to those questions, and it's not good?