Computer emergency, help requested


Apr 29, 2005
I haven't done this since the old days.... but it's possible to solder a new pin on the CPU.

Use a length of copper solid core "telephone wire", tin the end, and carefully solder the wire to the broken pin location.
Then cut the wire to match the height of the pins. You may want to use a wire gauge that matches the pins.

You'll need a very fine soldering iron tip, and a low wattage soldering iron. Don't go at this with a soldering gun or butane iron.
Use LEAD rosin core solder, not the new antimony lead-free crap. Don't keep the heat on the CPU too long.

I would also suggest one of those magnifying glass lights and you'll need a steady hand.

Another possibility is a jeweler who makes custom jewelry. He could actually solder another gold plated pin on for you.



Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 7, 2005
Yeah nothing new here. I've been pulling AMD CPUs out of the socket since s939 Athlon 64 days, LOL. Didn't have a problem with XP but as soon as they went to a big heatspreader... If you forget to warm up the computer first then twist the sink off, you're going to have a stuck cpu on the bottom of your heatsink. Razor blade wedgie will pop it off.

Mechanical pencil used to be my goto trick, but now the pins are a lot smaller. Razor blade or hobby knife (x-acto type) can work.

And yeah I hear the OP about old eyes, I had to go to mag reader glasses for delicate work a couple years back myself. I've been looking at headband types like this for $20ish... mag with a led light.

I'll probably spring for a headlamp mag type on my next build. Glasses alone kinda suck if you have to use a flashlight. And I'm tired of sucking on my AA maglight, bleh. Who knows where that thing has been :(

edit - I wasn't implying I like showing my flashlight a good time. Just holding it in the mouth while both hands are busy, LOL


Dec 27, 2018
Yeah, had a couple bent pins on my 3800x when it came in the mail (anyone notice AMD CPUs don't have the protection foam thing under the CPU pins inside the plastic case in the CPU box? My old FX CPU had one). I fixed it with a credit card and an ultra thin flat head screw driver. I had no mag glass and did it by taking it and putting it level with my eye to see the inconsistencies in the deviations of the pins. I got it straight enough and carefully laid into the holes in the socket. I took my finger and lightly pushed. If it didn't go in right away, I would take it out and adjust the pins, then try again. Got it to go in after a couple nervous tries.