China Deploys Gait Recognition Technology


Mar 3, 2018
A report on Tech Xplore says that Chinese authorities have a new surveillance tool in their arsenal. The new software analyzes a person's body shape and gait to identify them, even if their faces are hidden from the surveillance camera. The system can reportedly identify people as far as 165 feet away, but is more computationally complex than facial recognition systems. Authorities in the U.S. are already using gait recognition technology, but this is one of the first efforts to commercialize such software.

"Using biometric recognition to maintain social stability and manage society is an unstoppable trend," he said. "It's great business." The technology isn't new. Scientists in Japan, the United Kingdom and the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency have been researching gait recognition for over a decade, trying different ways to overcome skepticism that people could be recognized by the way they walk. Professors from Osaka University have worked with Japan's National Police Agency to use gait recognition software on a pilot basis since 2013. But few have tried to commercialize gait recognition. Israel-based FST Biometrics shut down earlier this year amid company infighting after encountering technical difficulties with its products, according to former advisory board member Gabriel Tal.
"Using biometric recognition to maintain social stability and manage society "

What was that about China not innovating recently? They innovate but only in ways to spy on their citizens!

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