Cheap or Free Domain name registration?


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Dec 24, 2002
Originally posted by SetiQueue
I had the same issue with my domain and some time ago, but it was quickly resolved.

I highly recommend, I've had 4-5 domains with them for the past 4 years with no problems.

Ziddy, have you tried the "Lost Password" Link? Thats been there for since I first Registered with them.

Also, try contacting customer service, there available 24/7 or you can contact them via email and most likely have a response within 24 hours (Although it is a holiday as I post this).

Domain Support - 480.505.8899
Technical Support - 480.505.8877

Billing Support - 480.505.8855
(9am - 5pm MST, 7 Days/Week)

And Grapenutz, to answer your questions.

You can register your domain with (Prefered, been in business awhile and trusted by many), and sign up with for free hosting for 3 years. Better hurry though, the 1and1 deal expires on January 14th if memory serves me correctly. (I have 3 accounts with with only 1 issue...the control panel isnt as quick as it can be....but it could be a user load issue as it goes very quick in the off-peak times. The sites run fine though)

yeah hopefully i can get this resolved next week. they need the credit card used to signup or a drivers license and another id. and im the student who is doing this. its all registered under the teacher
I use $8.75 / year.... discounts if you buy more than one year of registration.

They are really good people to deal with, quick reply to e-mails.

For a buck more a year I'd definately go with them over godaddy.

EDIT IN: You also get free DNS hosting... can even set it up for Dynamic DNS to point to the IP of your computer if you have a cable modem or something and unlimited subdomains.