CD Keys


Mar 20, 2007
So, you opened up the screen and expected them to take back a product which you may have broke? I don't blame them in that situation.
You could see in the connector cutouts and no PCB was not there. When I contacted the seller and they refused to exchange or refund, I filed a paypal dispute and it was denied, and at that point took the rear off for proof. I literally sent them a video of me popping the tabs and removing the back cover.

From the DMs, it seems like bringing up a bad experience with paypal is on par with fucking someones sister.

Well, pops... you're absolutely a minority here. CDKeys has always been great in mine, and apparently everyone else here's experience.
Shit happens I guess.

Which Batman?
Arkham knight, so its no big loss.


Aug 22, 2000
Any good sale there on Fallout 76? :D

I saw keys for european versions as low as 24 bucks and change. I'm unaware if Bethesda's servers are smart enough to catch a VPN region spoof. I also don't know if the euro versions switch weird things like renaming the Med-X and FatMan or turn the blood blue as has happened in other non-US games.