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    Long story short is that I'm helping out a medical billing business that has five ancient PCs (clamshell design Dells + two Compaqs with AGP) in need of replacement. A server is also needed. Never hurts to get some extra thoughts, right?

    User PCs:
    I'm considering the In Win BL040.300TB3LF for the case. It comes with a PSU, but I don't exactly have much faith in it... I would probably end up replacing it with one of Seasonic's TFX PSUs.

    For the processor and motherboard, I'm very tempted by the Trinity APU offerings since they can drive dual displays quite well and compete with the SB/IB Pentiums (the A8-5600K looks very nice). The only problem is that there's no FM2 equivalent of the DQ77MK. :mad:

    Because of how little user data will be stored on these, I'm tempted to go the SSD route; perhaps a 60GB one in each system.

    I'm considering the HP LA2206x for the display.

    Case I'm considering is the ARK SR6850BK. Two of the external 5.25" bays will likely have hotswappable trays placed in them at some point.

    Motheboard: Supermicro MBD-H8SCM
    Processor: AMD Opteron 4234
    Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333 Kingston (registered and ECC per motherboard)
    PSU: Seasonic SS-560KM
    Regarding storage, the initial setup will probably have two 500GB 7200RPM drives in RAID 1.

    I'm open to all suggestions and questions.
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    Yeah, for a small business its hard to beat a Dell/HP esp since they will need support.