Best monoblock for ASUS R6E motherboard


Jul 22, 2020
Hello guys,
all monoblock creators are stop production on ASUS ROG 6 Extreme.
Which blocks are compatible with that motherboard ?


Apr 5, 2016
The only monoblocks that will be compatible with that motherboard are monoblocks made specifically for that motherboard. (And by that I mean EK and possibly BitsPower, being the only two companies I know of that make monoblocks.)

Monoblocks are specifically designed on a per-board basis to have the correct interface with VRMS and clearances for the surrounding components. Since the spec allows for a large amount of variation in motherboard design when it comes to component placement, the chance of a monoblock being compatible with more than one board is almost zero. There is only one case I've seen where a monoblock will fit multiple boards, and it was an EK block that would fit multiple tiers of the same type of Gigabyte board. That only worked because Gigabyte used the same PCB layout and component distribution around the socket in that series of boards.

I thought you were gonna get a CPU block instead? :D

If you're dead set on a monoblock, your only option may be to buy used.
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