Are the Samsung - 970 EVO Plus worth it ?

Dec 1, 2004
Depends on how old you mean by older?

Would I replace an 840 EVO with it? Probably. The 840 EVO line was an imperfect drive.

Would I replace an 840 Pro or anything newer than the 850 series? Probably not. Not for performance at least - the additional speed brought by NVME just isn't that noticeable in normal consumer workloads.

If I needed extra SSD capacity and I had a choice between a NVME drive and a SATA drive and they were the same price? I'd get the NVME. Unless I already had one and only have one slot for it, in which case I'd get SATA.

If the SATA drive was cheaper? I'd get the SATA.


Apr 19, 2012
From what I have been reading, the difference from the 970 EVO plus to the 970 EVO is minimal at best. I am in the same position and I am leaning on saving the $40 or so and getting the EVO over the EVO Plus.