Any IQ loss (mainly in textures) going from 40" to 55" in 4k?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by InaDaise, Sep 9, 2018.

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    Dec 13, 2016
    For pc games mostly, and some movies and videos. I'm ready to get my first 55" screen and it'll be either a LG Oled 4k TV or Samsung Qled 4k TV. I'm mostly into graphics in games and especially sharp textures. Lighting and other IQ matters too of course.

    So I will be stopping in the middle of action in games to stare at the gfx a whole lot. Sorry if that sounds in the minority. My current 40" Samsung TV is quite stunning running on a Titan Xp and i7 7700 which will be the same specs for the new 55" TV. I'll play on both separately. I'll just get a new pc for the new TV.

    I get about 110 ppi on my 40" 4k TV which is really quite nice. And the ppi will go down on the 55" one. But maybe that's not necessarily anything to worry about for textures and overall visuals. So if I'm sitting at the correct distance from the TV will I even notice any IQ difference? Post is bit long but I felt I had to describe the big screen I have now and so on.
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    Jan 18, 2016
    I can feel IQ loss alright :LOL:
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    Strictly speaking no, but being bigger any existing issues will be more visible.

    Fortunately if you move the screen 37% closer to where you're sitting now and you can simulate the change of putting a bigger TV in the same location as your current one.

    ex if you're currently 40" from your screen slide it toward you/lean forward until your eyes are only 29" away: 40" /(55/40) = 40/1.375 = 29".

    If you're currently only 30" away, move until you're 22" back: 30" /(55/40) = 30"/1.375 = 22".

    This obviously can't help with modelling if your new TV is intrinsically better (better color, higher contrast, etc) than the old one, but will let you take the size factor out of it.