Am I the only one?

Apr 22, 2006
I've been running Win 11 since it's infancy and sure, when first released it was "buggy", no surprise but as it was updated it seemed to be much better. Now after using it for quite some time I've run into problems like a pop up that appears on the desktop and then quichly disappears, tried several steps to solve it but nothing worked! Second problem, after sitting a while the desktop seems to go to sleep and clicking on anything and nothing happens? Weird, wouldn't you agree? Anyone have any bright ideas to solve these issues?
whats weird is that you posted this in the "forum help and feedback" section.
turn off sleep and notifications.
This isn't a software support forum, go to the operating systems subforum. Also you need to expand on what you're talking about because it's far too vague as far as this "pop up" and what you tried.