after a <$100 cpu/mobo deal


Oct 11, 2003
I bought a 8GB HyperX 1866MHz stick and a PC case on a whim for less than $10 after rebate (if tigerdirect doesnt screw me over)
now Im on the lookout for an equally awesome deal on a cpu and mobo to go with it as we close in on Black Friday.
I already have the other essential parts besides a video card which Im not concerned about at this time.
Originally I was focused on a AMD fx6** or even fx8** which I have a suspicion there might be a deal on one with a mobo for around $100. But should I consider a G3258 which apparently beats the a fx8300 on many tasks?
I dont game much anymore due to lack of time, but i would like to keep to option open if some game comes out in the future im interested in to be able to play it on moderate settings at 19x12. But my biggest priority is desktop stuff. I usually got like a dozen web browser windows/tabs open, Visual Studio, remote desktops, MS word, pdfs, at once and hate hiccups when switching in between stuff.


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Dec 15, 2005
You really have to just pay attention to the Hot Deals subforum we have and if you want to find a sub $100 CPU + mobo combo. For that kind of budget/money, you really can't be picky with what you're getting.