3DMark11 Score

First 3dMark11 benchmark with my MSI GTX 560 ti 448 Twin Frozr PE/OC.

P6463 3DMarks

I think I can break 7,000 with it once I figure it out.
I scored P7313 with stock clocked 960t unlocked to six cores. 7970 1125mhz/1575
4X 7970 Quad-Fire with 3930k at 5.0: P 27785

Leaving 580 Quad-SLI far far behind in the dust... :)

Check this out! VEry cool GTX 470 SLI with GTX 560 ti 448.


Works well with 3dMark11


I just kicked 3dMark11's ass all over the curb with 1xGTX 560ti 448 and 1xGTX470 in SLI.

P11396 3DMarks


Last 3dMark11 benchmark with my GTX 470, tommorrow it ships out to new owner.
P4957 for the main system in my sig. Stock GPU clocks, CPU @ 3.9ghz. Graphics drivers are not approved:rolleyes:
Ha smells fishy but idk. I only got a graphics score of 11k + with my GTX 680 OC'd at 1310 and 6700. Hes getting 12k + with a 7950.....
That's what happens when you turn off tessellation in the drivers.

Not turned off. Using AMD optimized tesselation. Futuremark doesn't accept it as official but the pros do over at hwbot.org.
I finally broke X4000 on 3dMark11. :)



3dMark link I posted with my score is majorly screwed up.

I'm running an MSI Z77 Mpower MB NOT and ASUS MB. :mad:

I didn't use any Lucid MVP software. The CPU speed is way off as well as GPU speed. Not sure what is happening at Futuremark but their online score uploading is screwed up.