3090 sli


Jul 10, 2005
I cannot believe people bought 2x 3090's for gaming. On what planet did that purchase make sense.

Also how did someone get two when most of us can’t even get one? Unless they paid $2200 plus tax each on eBay. Makes you even more dumb. Lol


Jan 25, 2004
It takes time to implement it in any API. With DX9 and DX11, Nvidia assisted game developers directly. With DX12 mGPU, Nvidia straight up said that game developers are on their own - and that's why we have so very, very, very few DX12/Vulkan games that support mGPU.

Time = money. Game devs (for the most part) don't care enough about the 1% or less of the gamer population to warrant the cost to them.

Nvidia and AMD work with major developers regardless.

DX9/11 it kind of just worked if you took some steps to help the driver. There's not too much you can do to directly implement it and there's not really tools to control the process in detail - more like "don't do this because you'll either cause corruption or trash the performance gain." From what I've read, it's pretty very annoying to debug issues because of how hands off it can be.

DX12 and Vulkan, it's basically just distilled to "yeah you can just do whatever the fuck you want with however many GPUs you have, it's on you to figure it out." This mentality exists throughout the API, the driver can't/won't even force certain things like changing the pre-rendered frames setting. It does nothing from the control panel.