10K+ passmark & 64GB RAM miniPCs 2020 ?


Nov 24, 2016
Hello, any mini PCs (energy and space efficient computer) in 2020 with performance CPUs like AMD Renoir 7nm CPU 4800U (17K passmark) and RAM support 64GB ?
So far i know about ASUS PN50 which i sold with Ryzen 4800U (one of the highest performance Renoirs) and possibly at the end of the year the ASRock X300 but that i guess (based on what i see being sold in my country as A300) will be sold without the CPU (or better to say APU since it is combined with GPU).

memory 1: [Crucial BL2K32G32C16S4B](https://www.crucial.com/memory/ddr4/bl2k32g32c16s4b) (in reviews people complain it runs at 2666, CL16,3200)
memory 2: [Kingston KCP426SD8/32](https://www.kingston.com/en/memory/search?partId=KCP426SD8%2F32) (CL19,2666)
memory 3: [Patriot PSD432G32002S](https://assets.website-files.com/5cf9767d22a3cbb75b388ea4/5f03c7d5f98cbba61694b7d5_PSD432G32002S%20Sku%20Sheet_042120%20Copyable.pdf)(CL22,3200)
memory 4: [Kingston HX429S17IBK2/64](https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX429S17IBK2_64.pdf) (CL17,2933)
memory 5: [Kingston HX424S15IBK2/64](https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX424S15IBK2_64.pdf) (CL15,2400)

Regarding RAMs for PN50, it is said to be sensitive on RAM type, following models interest me and two of them should be supported at maximum 3200MHz speed:
G.SKILL F4-3200C22D-64GRS / https://pameti.heureka.cz/g-skill-f4-3200c22d-64grs/# 3200MHz CL22 -> (3200/22=145) - tested by manufacturer, QVL listed
CT32G4SFD832A / https://pameti.heureka.cz/crucial-sodimm-ddr4-32gb-3200mhz-cl19-ct32g4sfd832a/# 3200MHz CL22 -> (3200/22=145) - tested by user and Linux reports 3200MHz https://www.reddit.com/r/MiniPCs/comments/jwvp60/endless_problems_with_asus_pn50/gei1i9w/
BL2K32G32C16S4B / https://pameti.heureka.cz/crucial-ballistix-sodimm-ddr4-64gb-2x32gb-3200mhz-cl16-bl2k32g32c16s4b/# 3200MHz(2666MHz?) CL16 -> (2666/16=167) - not tested to work, but had the best performance score
after some experience i would go for 1.2V modules, because 1.3V ones i tried appeared underclocked.
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What is your goal? I'm going to make an assumption that the passmark score is related to PLEX transcoding requirements.
Asrock has a datasheet for a mini PC that meets your specs https://www.asrockind.com/4X4 BOX-4800U

That one went around news sites yesterday. No pricing or availability information yet. The PN50 was supposed to ship nowish, but got pushed back a month. Deskmini A300 beta bios supports ryzen 4000g, but you'd need an interim APU to update, plus the 4000gs are hard to buy right now.

All aboard the hype train. I'll upgrade two machines once i enters the station.
A few months later, still out of stock in my country and ASRock 4x4 not even appeared in shops. Neither NUC 11 (Tiger Lake CPU with AV1 decoding support?). I guess i will have to wait some more month/s.
Yep, I went with 4650Gs from Aliexpress and small itx cases. A lot bigger than the mini pcs, but still fairly small and fit on the desk, so good enough. Probably not as energy efficient, either. Oh well.
HP 405 G6 is OK (CPU great AMD Renoir 16 threads 4750GE), except u have to replace memory by 1.2V 2x32GB non-ECC modules and sell small default ones, this computer works with linux (EFI & GPT necessary!), use distro with more recent kernel like 5.12 , 5.13.