1. S

    What are the best options for a MiniPC or ITX build?

    I was going to get a miniPC but sadly there are a few issues. 1) Intel has released a new microcode that may block all undervolting on Adlher lake and Raptor lake CPUs except on K processors and even on those it may be blocked. If manufacturer does not unlock the features. So most miniPCs that...
  2. postcd

    10K+ passmark & 64GB RAM miniPCs 2020 ?

    Hello, any mini PCs (energy and space efficient computer) in 2020 with performance CPUs like AMD Renoir 7nm CPU 4800U (17K passmark) and RAM support 64GB ? So far i know about ASUS PN50 which i sold with Ryzen 4800U (one of the highest performance Renoirs) and possibly at the end of the year the...