1080 to 1080ti, worth it??

Apr 5, 2016
I have been trying to decide on whether to upgrade my 1080 to a 1080ti as well. After seeing some rumors that the 1180 may come out end of this year though, I think I want to wait.
My guess is that when new cards drop, they'll be impossible to buy, and lots of people who were waiting on the 11s but can't find them in stock will settle for a 10-series, stressing supply there too. Prices are probably as good now and into the next few months as they will be for some time.

The 1080 to 1080ti jump is a considerable one, especially if you're running a resolution/refresh that's on the edge of the 1080's capabilities. I made this swap after upgrading from 1080p 144hz to 1440p 165hz and couldn't be happier.


Nov 10, 2000
Sure, supply might be constrained at launch till the boat gets here from China, so what?

If you can't wait a few months for supply to normalize, you have fucked up priorities. Be patient. Go for a hike, play with your dog, rebuild the carburetors on your bike, work through your Steam backlog...

My recommendation, if you've a 1080 - do what I'm doing, wait for the next xx80 ti version. Rather than doing another mid-high to mid-high upgrade, go full high end. The plan is to buy an EVGA xx80 at xx80 ti launch, join the Step-up queue and buy a full coverage water block.