1. C

    FS: Macbook Pro i7 2019, Fractal Node 804

    Hi, heatware 43 0 0 I accept paypal and apple pay. Prices are without fees, add PayPal fees to prices unless F&F. Please PM me with any questions. SOLD 1. EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Gaming 8GB 08G-P4-6286-KR - $425 shipped (US50) - Does not include original packaging. I recently replaced the thermal...
  2. N


    ------------------------------------------ Link to the product page: HERE ------------------------------------------ -All parts included -Free US Shipping. Works great, only selling because I needed a board with more SATA ports. Asking for $70 but feel free to make an offer,
  3. Balzac

    WTB Z370 or Z390

    Hey [H], I think my Aorus Z370 is FUBAR so I'm looking to buy a replacement board to go with my 8700k. Let me know what you have and how much shipped to 37122. Thanks
  4. cageymaru

    An Analysis of the Z390 Socket Proves the Extra Pins Aren't Necessary

    Der8auer on YouTube (Roman Hartung) has performed an in-depth analysis of the Z390 socket where he physically extracted the pins from a dead Z370 board and measured how much of an load each pin can take. After applying up to 5 amperes of power to the pin, he concluded that it can easily...
  5. D

    Done for now

    DONE FOR NOW PICS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/47jkcfgtgkru2ja/AADqQlq4Y9vefwPxxr2BVaYaa?dl=0 For trades, most looking for a larger android or apple phone, video card, and misc PC parts, but feel free to offer anything. I finished a project and have some left over iPad and misc stuff. $69...
  6. B

    Why do newer MOBO's have so few USB ports? How to cope?

    Arguably could have posted this in a number of different forums but I'll ask here since it's a mobo problem. I have a mini ITX Gigabyte Z370N-Wifi motherboard and it has 'only' six USB ports. These are currently occupied my; 1 x Oculus rift headset 2x Corsair K70 keyboard 1x Logitech G5 mouse...
  7. FrgMstr

    MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC mITX Review

    MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC mITX Review Many of us have gotten used to wanting things smaller and smaller in terms of today's electronics, and many enthusiasts have followed that trend when it comes to building fully capable high end desktop PC system. MSI is turning up the heat in the...
  8. NoxTek

    (Rant) Asrock Z370M Pro4 mATX - I hate this board...

    This is mostly just a random rant.... Do you ever get a board and just feel like it hates you and you're going to hate it - almost right from the first time you power it up? I have had this Asrock Z370M Pro4 up and running for barely over a day, and I absolutely loathe it already. (For the...
  9. W

    Taichi Z370 PCIE x16 behavior? Hero vs Gaming 7?

    Bought a Taichi and 8700K since the last BIOS update on Sabertooth X99 murdered my 5920K and possibly the main board as well. Getting tired of ASUS and thought I'd try something new. On the Taichi the PCIE x1 slots are above and below the top x16 slot. The lower is blocked by video card and...
  10. M

    Gigabyte z370n-wifi: replacing/removing the wifi module?

    Hello! I am busy buying parts for an upcoming build. The Dan A4-SFX case ships only in january, so in the process I had time to change my mind, and thus went from a Gigabyte z270n-wifi + i7 7700k to a Gigabyte z370n-wifi + i5 8600k. Since my build is going to be a dualboot Windows/Hackintosh...
  11. FrgMstr

    GIGABYTE Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review @ [H]

    GIGABYTE Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review Intel’s launched yet another chipset, so for better or worse that means new motherboards for Intel’s mainstream market. We look at GIGABYTE’s Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming to see if it’s worthy of a Coffee Lake CPU. And now that you can actually...
  12. FrgMstr

    ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING Motherboard on the Test Bench

    No, seriously, if you look really closely, you can see the motherboard in the picture. It is the ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING in all its diminutive glory. That all said these tiny motherboards have come a long ways in the last few years. These used to not be up to what their full size ATX brothers...
  13. FrgMstr

    GIGABYTE Aorus and MSI Z370 in the Wild

    While GIGABYTE tweeted a teaser photo of one of its upcoming Intel Express Z370 Chipset motherboards this weekend, full pics of the Z370 Aorus Gaming series have already leaked to the public. GBT mentioned "Try and guess what this is." Turns out that is not too tough to do. October 5th looks...
  14. J

    Volta bandwidth on a Z270 mobo?

    Will a Z270 Kaby Lake motherboard will provide plenty of bandwidth for a Volta 1180ti GPU? What bottlenecks should I keep an eye out for? I'm really sick & tired of all the delays as now both Cannon Lake and now the consumer version of Volta has apparently been delayed as well. I simply can't...
  15. J

    X370 motherboards?

    Not interested in the Z270 motherboards or KabyLake due out January 5th 2017 they say but, I am interested in the X370 motherboards and CannonLake so, when do we get to start learning about the X370 series motherboards? 10nm CannonLake is suppose to come out in the 2nd half of 2017 and is...