Volta bandwidth on a Z270 mobo?


Jun 6, 2012
Will a Z270 Kaby Lake motherboard will provide plenty of bandwidth for a Volta 1180ti GPU? What bottlenecks should I keep an eye out for?

I'm really sick & tired of all the delays as now both Cannon Lake and now the consumer version of Volta has apparently been delayed as well. I simply can't wait anymore even though I'm not really getting what I hoped for out of the Kaby/z270. I was really hoping for Cannon Lake 10nm & a Z370 (with PCI e 4.0), a Volta 1180ti GPU and a Samsung 960 NVMe SSD but, Intel and NVidia have taken a crap on those hopes, so now, I feel like I have to settle for less.

"NVIDIA Volta powered by HBM2 might show up during the latter part of 2017, which is reportedly 'professional' or 'enterprise' versions. On the other hand, the 'enthusiasts' version will come mid to later part of 2018"

NVIDIA Latest News, Updates: Volta Architecture To Introduce HBM2-Powered GeForce Graphics Card By 2017, GDDR6 By 2018?
No one has an answer because no one has even seen samples of Volta yet.

That being said, a Titan XP barely stresses a PCI 3.0 x8 connection, such that you only see a few percent increase going from x8 to x16. So while Volta will be probably be faster, I seriously doubt it's going to be capped by the PCI 3.0 x16 bandwidth.

PCI 4.0 is a long way off, and like 3.0, it'll be a few generations of video cards AFTER it's available that you'll actually need it.

Not sure exactly what you were hoping for with Kaby/Z270 that you think Cannon/Z370 will give you...You can expect a 5-10% increase in speed, maybe a few more USB 3.1 ports. It's not going to be a revolution in performance or anything.
I just checked with my crystal ball and it says to skip volta and wait for V2 and the z470x series boards. they will have pcei 5, infinite lanes and optical interconnects! its gonna be sweeeeet!!!!!!
honestly nobody knows anything aboot any of that yet and I think you are thinking way too far ahead.
Thanks for the helpful replies - all good advice. I'm just trying to future-proof best I can to get the best system I can while avoiding any potential hang-ups i.e. "best bang for the buck"

I thought Cannon Lake was going to be the next great CPU but, as time goes on they keep pulling back on the claims so, I see no point to wait for it anymore.

Got any links for the "V2 and the z470x series boards" and PCIe 5.0 ? When will all this come out?



Got any links for the "V2 and the z470x series boards" and PCIe 5.0 ? When will all this come out?
my Magic 8-Ball says: "Ask again later"

my best advice is to buy the best you can now because there is always something "just around the corner". otherwise you'll end up in a never-ending-waiting-loop!