1. luisxd

    [Worklog] Dell Optiplex 170L MOD

    Just built a new PC for a friend so he handed me his old one, a stock Dell Optiplex 170L (Pentium 4, 2Gb DDR, 40GB Sata, 8600Gt). First i was going to make it an HTPC but since i currently don't have a case tough i could use this one, with a few modifications of course The case seems really...
  2. Tymofar

    [Scratch Build] Project Zero

    Hey guys, my realname is Benny. i am building my first own Case and wanted to share it with you. I hope you will enjoy it! =) My build is called Project zero cause its my first scratch build. I have made a few little modifications throughout the past years but now it is time to make somthing...