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    FS: Apple Link Bracelet, Silver, 42mm+

    Apple genuine Silver Link bracelet. Includes all links and box. 42mm, also works with 44mm, 45mm, and the 49mm Ultra watches. $199 net to me shipped UPS ground conus.
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    The original apple band VS the third-party band

    As we all know, Apple is not the only company with Apple Watch band, there are some cool third-party options. Then for you, do you like to buy the original Apple band , or the third-party band on amazon or eaby.;);)
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    Do you like leather straps or metal straps?

    There’s no “right” choice when selecting a watchband. Both leather and metal watch bands are attractive, functional and sold at all price points. Individual preference should guide a decision.For me,I prefer the leather band, because the leather strap is more elegant, suitable for leisure...
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    How do you maintain your leather watch band?

    How do you maintain your leather watch band? Below I share my experience,it's a Jisoncase 42mm brown genuine leather band. 1. Avoid long periods of intense sunlight mapping, because it is easy to make the leather strap fade 2. Avoid prolonged immersion in water, which can cause the leather strap...