Do you like leather straps or metal straps?


Jun 7, 2017
There’s no “right” choice when selecting a watchband. Both leather and metal watch bands are attractive, functional and sold at all price points. Individual preference should guide a decision.For me,I prefer the leather band, because the leather strap is more elegant, suitable for leisure places, and the choice of style and color is more than the metal strap.So,what about you?
Prefer metal due to the aesthetics. But currently I only wear a Fitbit Charge 2, with a silicon band. I mostly like it as well, as it 'fits' the device. Looks techy.

If I was to get an Apple Watch, I'd go with a Stainless Steel band.
I prefer metal straps. Though I am using the rubbery default strap on my Apple Watch. I bought a metal one, but I didn't like it. I haven't tried to pick up any other metal ones yet.
This is my third party watch which bought in the Amazon, I think this is really made with genuine leather, feeling very comfortable.
Brown watch band with a good look, this is exactly what I want the retro style, so I am so satisfied with the jisoncase product.
Of course, I am also a little interested in metal straps, I believe there will be a chance to buy, you have any good recommendation?
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I picked up a $30 milanese loop clone off of Amazon and I really like it. It breathes a lot better than leather or the rubber sport bands so I don't sweat or notice it nearly as much as with other solid bands.

And I don't think it looks that bad either. But even if it did, since it's significantly more comfortable to me I'd still were it anyway. Screw suffering for fashion.