vr reviews

  1. L

    Rest In Piece, VR Review Section

    One year ago today the VR section had its last review :( https://www.hardocp.com/reviews/vr/ Go visit with it today, let it know you cared. Put on your VR headset out of respect if you wish.
  2. Chaos Machine

    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    Who has one and how do you like it? I'd trust a hardocp forum members review over the likes of fortune or Gizmodo any day lol. Post thoughts, insights, and whatever else comes to mind here.
  3. griff30

    User experience with Google cardboard types, including McDonald's?

    I was looking to pick up some cheap "cardboard" VR for the kids and myself to see if it's interesting. just wanted to see if it's worth the $20 for these types for casual play. I couldnt see buying the expensive sets for 2-3 games that are not all that great. Looks like even McDonald's is...