1. Col_Temp

    Ways to dispose of a couple of Grandstream VOIP Phones

    Greetings Forum members. I was fairly active a while ago and got some great info. Well now that I am finally winding my business down it's time to get rid of a bunch of stuff left over from past projects and partnerships. I have several things to pass on hoping they can find a home where...
  2. Z

    WTB: Yealink Teams phones

    Looking for MS Teams Yealink phones. Let me know what you got! Thanks
  3. M

    Tutorial how to get Teams working with Microsoft Phone system

    Hi everyone, I've created a tutorial how to get Teams working with Microsoft Phone system to make and receive regular phone calls, associate phone numbers and other basic procedures. I noticed no one so far has done a similar tutorial when I was looking to implement it a few months ago, so I...
  4. R

    Valve Goes After Discord With Steam Chat

    Today Valve has announced "Steam Chat," and it looks an awful lot like DIscord. In fact, other than the Steam-ish skin, well and the fact it can be integrated into Steam, it's hard to tell the difference between Steam Chat and Discord. You can see what games everyone is playing, create groups or...
  5. Z

    Suggestions for home phone service over internet

    Hi, so I have 2 verizon cell phones in my home and the cell signal here is abysmal. Even though I'm within spitting distance of downtown Chicago, my cell signal at home is frequently 3g and 1 bar if i'm lucky, on either phone (samsung galaxy s6 and s7). i would like to do one of the following...