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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz Bought this thing on a complete whim after seeing people setting it up with Virtual Desktop and playing PCVR games at a rock solid 90fps. Can't go back now, the display is great, the setup was easy, and the tracking is surprisingly good. This is...
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    VR use case question

    I love multi monitors. Hell I have a triple mon setup and I wish I could have more, but just running out of desk space. Is it possible to use VR as a means of have multi me (virtual?) monitors? Could I for example set up a grid of 3x3 2560x1600(30") monitors so that the experience would be...
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    ESXi 6r2 VM Performance Help

    Hi everyone, I'm a new guy here and found these forums after a Google search on my issue. As you can tell from the title it's a VM performance issue on my ESXi server. Background Fortunate to have access to a data center via my employer as I work for an ISP. We are allowed our own 1u servers...
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    Tricking my computer into thinking it has another physical monitor for virtual desktop

    That VR desktop program "Virtual Desktop" has a funny requirement that you need the amount of physical monitors you want for the same multi-monitor setup in VR. You cannot just create virtual monitors that you don't have. Is there any way to trick your computer into thinking you have more...