touch controllers

  1. S

    Oculus Touch Controller, trigger dampening

    Got an Oculus /w Touch last week since I figured the sale would end and I couldn't pass it up, but after a week of light gameplay the left trigger on my touch controller has lost it's dampened feel. The trigger is now quite loud and is pretty audible through the headphones at times. Anyone else...
  2. A

    Oculus Touch price drop feels like I have been scammed...

    I don't normally like to make a big deal out of things, but I am truly concerned about what happened with the Oculus touch price. How can a company just drop the price on a product by 50% three months after release? I pre-ordered my touch and got it mid December. Within a few months, they...
  3. U

    Oculus Touch Impressions

    Before I get started, I'm curious if Kyle has given the Oculus Rift/Touch a go. I know he's been engrossed with the Vive but I'd really like to get his impression. I think a Vive vs Rift comparison article would be awesome to get from the [H]. KYLE!!! DO IT!!!!! To preface, I was a pre-order...
  4. Supercharged_Z06

    Rift+Touch just dropped by $200

    For those of you thinking of taking the VR plunge, Oculus just announced that they are cutting the price of the Rift + Touch contollers by $200. The Rift is now $499 instead of $599 and the touch controllers with the extra camera sensor is now only $99! A third sensor has also been cut from...
  5. H

    Oculus: Over 50 Rift Titles Will Support Touch Controllers At Launch

    Oculus announced yesterday that over 50 Rift titles will support Touch controllers at launch. You know the folks over at HTC have to be thinking "that's cute." ;)