1. V

    i7 6850k Temps High After Replacing AIO

    So, I was running an Intel i7 6850k OC'd to 4.3ghz / 1.35v on a ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 and a Corsair H110i for about 3 years with no issues, idle temps around 25-28c, full load under OCCT around 79c after 4 hours. Anyway, the other night the pump on my H110i failed, causing my system to...
  2. O

    Areca replacing fan: what to do with thermal grease?

    I own a couple of 1882 Areca cards. Most of them are working fine. I would like to replace the fans of all of them, starting with a 1882-8i. I have removed the fan and the squared metal. I have bought a Noctua 40mm (10mm height). This one doesn't really fit on to the squared metal, but okee i...
  3. suiken_2mieu

    2500k Heat Issue

    So my 2500k has been running stock most of it's life on a stock cooler. It would idle at around 60c and under load it used to not go much over 80c. Then the other day I was checking temps, and it will go to 99c when playing games. I pulled off the heatsink and changed out the thermal grease to...
  4. B

    CORSAIR H100i v2 Replacement Thermal Compound?

    I recently was giving a USED Corsair H100i V2 Water Cooler. i usually use whatever thermal paste that is pre applied but this cooler has been completely cleaned, so im not sure what kind of paste i should purchase. I have a I-5 4590 and live close to frys electronics and also have amazon...
  5. D

    Finally got a Dell Precision workstation laptop with Quadro - thermal paste recommendations, please?

    Ok, so I finally got one of these after lusting for one for many years, a Dell Precision M6700 (16GB RAM, Intel Core i7-3740QM quad, Nvidia Quadro K4000M based on the GTX 670m iirc coupled with the Premier Color IPS panel display too) and I'm looking to cool this puppy down. Now, having said...