1. MavericK

    Nvidia Hotfix Driver 461.33 - Fix for VR Stuttering Part 1 Doesn't address the stuttering when using monitoring tools (I had a lot of issues with RGB software services causing...
  2. N

    Why can't my 6950 view 1080P video without unwatchable stuttering?

    When I watch YouTube or Twitch in 720P it's smooth but when I crank it up to 1080P I get stuttering so bad it's unwatchable. (Q6660, 8Gb RAM). Hell, even my old laptop (Intel HD Graphics 4000) can view 1080P YouTube and twitch videos (just tested and it viewed 1080P @ 60fps YouTube vid...
  3. cageymaru

    Metro Exodus Has Stuttering Issues

    While watching streams of the new Metro Exodus game this morning, I noticed that Twitch streamers were having issues with stuttering in the game. Streamer CohhCarnage became so frustrated with the stuttering issues that he cut RTX off, lowered the settings from Ultra to High and then to Low...
  4. bucket

    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (AT&T Snapdragon) Video Issues

    Still stutters when shooting slow-motion (240 fps) video, even when using a Sandisk Extreme PRO microSDXC card capable of 95 MB/sec write speeds. I've tried everything. The most recent update didn't fix the issue, either. My friends in the UK that have the Exynos-powered version of the same...
  5. L

    Vive vs. Elite: Dangerous, stuttering

    Has anyone else whose Vive has arrived tried Elite? Loading into the cockpit for the first time was by far the biggest "wow" moment I've had with it so far, which is saying something. The sensation of really being in the ship is just ridiculous. BUT. Then I took off, and there's not quite a...