1. Zarathustra[H]

    Streacom Customer Service, Anyone?

    So, I recently bought a Streacom FC5 fanless case (my second) for a build for my Fiance. I had an issue with it. The front USB ports don't work properly with the USB3 header and their special USB3 cable. I have contacted Streacom Support twice via the form on their webpage, and never heard...
  2. J

    Smallest Mac Mini with Kabylake

    Recently I replaced my Desktop with small form factor PC. It is an excellent experience when customizing a computer. Now I present you my tiny HTPC that runs MacOS Sierra. It doesn't have any Graphics card because my aim is to make it smaller, so I'm using the Intel HD Graphics. HTPC...
  3. FrgMstr

    Streacom DB4 Fanless Aluminum Chassis Review @ [H]

    Streacom DB4 Fanless Aluminum Chassis Review - This case review is for all of you mini-ITX system builders out there that may be looking for something a bit different than the normal case....that looks like a computer case. The Streacom DB4 fanless chassis may be exactly the HTPC case that...