1. G

    WTB Smart Watch

    Looking to try the smart watch thing but not looking to spend much until I'm sure I'll really use it. Has to be android compatible, let me know what you have. Thanks.
  2. dvsman

    Samsung Watch 4G or any other Android watch w/4G - anyone use?

    So I was thinking of trying out the new edition Samsung Watch 4G - but I've gotten conflicting info from people I've talked to - including the corporate AT&T sales guy vs the in store AT&T guy. What I'm trying to find out is if I can (with added fee) share the same phone number as my current...
  3. B

    Recommend a smartwatch with Google pay for LG V35

    Currently using an LG Urbane, nice device but for some reason Google pay is not available on it. Strange because the Urbane does have nfc. Considering Samsung Smartwatch, Tic Watch, or maybe a Fossil.
  4. cageymaru

    Google Buys Fossil Group Smartwatch Technology for $40 Million

    Google has entered into a deal with Fossil Group to purchase its smartwatch technology that is still in development. The internet giant has also purchased the R&D teams directly involved with developing the secretive technology. Fossil Group will retain 200 members of its R&D team that aren't...
  5. B

    Viable alternatives to Wear OS smartwatch for Android Phone?

    I use an LG Urbane paired with a LG G6. For my business media controls are used from the watch to control music players. Unfortunately, it seems that an update to the Wear app for Android has broken media controls from the watch. My overall impression of Wear OS is that it is not great...
  6. A

    FS: Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch

    Huawei Watch 2 Classic Leather : $200 Shipped firm Flawless scratch free condition. Purchased for $230 late December during the Best Buy sale. Genuinely worn for only 2~3 hours at most. I'm selling because I'm not...
  7. R

    New Smartwatch May Let You Gesture On Your Hand

    A new patent from smartphone maker Huawei shows technology that may let you write or gesture on the back of your hand. The patent filed with World Intellectual Property Organisation, describes a system that uses sensors to scan the area around a smartwatch in order to recognize gestures made on...
  8. DooKey

    Child safety smartwatches ‘easy’ to hack, watchdog says

    According to the Norwegian Consumer Council, they discovered flaws in child safety smartwatches that would allow attackers to track, eavesdrop or even communicate with the wearers. That sounds to me these so called safety watches could end up being just what a molester needs to track his...
  9. copy_run_start

    FS: Sony Smartwatch 2 (Metal Band)

    Selling my Sony Smartwatch 2 with black metal band. Great condition, no scratches on screen (whatever you see in the pictures is dust). Has always had a screen protector on. The frame and band are in good condition, typical wear over the few years I've owned it. Paint has worn off some of the...
  10. T

    FT: Samsung Gear S2 For Trade Other Smartwatches

    Hi Guys Im interested in trading my current Samsung Gear S2 Black for another Google or Tizen wearable device. I'm willing to add $$ if your device cost more than mine. There nothing wrong with the S2. I'm just kinda of bored and want to try other devices without paying too much. my heat is...