1. She loved E

    Remote file access on Synology NAS w/double-NAT & static IP

    I need to preface this by saying that I'm not a networking guy so please excuse some fumbling of terminology below. :wacky: I'll do my best to clarify anything that doesn't make sense. The environment I'm in is a shared workspace, kinda like WeWork but without any IT infrastructure or...
  2. M

    Always have to retype saved password for it to connect to the server with RDP

    So I have a desktop with Windows 7 and a server with win server 2008r2. I have remote desktop setup with the username and password to connect to the server. Everytime it says something like authentication failed or something similar with the saved password, but if I type in the same password...
  3. cageymaru

    Microsoft Reveals Project xCloud: a Vision for Game-Streaming

    Microsoft has revealed Project xCloud: its vision of the future of game-streaming. As long as there is a client for the device, the service enables gamers to play the games that they want on the device that they want. Just like music where you have a choice to listen at home, on the commute to...
  4. cageymaru

    Digitails Are the App-Controlled Animatronic Prosthetic Tails You've Dreamed About

    Ever wanted to know how it feels to have an animatronic tail on your tail? Do you have a fascination and desire to cosplay as the character Tails from the SEGA video game Sonic the Hedgehog? Well get ready to get your rear into gear as the Digitail Kickstarter is now live! A Digitail is an...
  5. karsten

    FS: Apple TV

    -------------------------------------- SOLD: Apple TV: Includes remote, HDMI cable and power cable. This model has the Amazon Prime Videos app as well. Selling for $55 shipped SOLD