1. djoye

    Good experience with NZXT pre-built

    My niece wanted a gaming PC and specified a budget ($1500), I didn't want to even think about or have to deal parts availability, so I considered pre-built. I remembered either JayZTwoCents or LinusTechTips mentioning that NZXT did well with their pre-builts. I referred my niece to NZXT's...
  2. M

    Please help me to choose a Pre Built pc

    Hi everyone, Here are few of the amazon deals I found to be within my price range. https://**************/3CDdus1 https://**************/3qOJE1g https://**************/3qOJFCm https://**************/3r1QBfJ https://**************/3oAIYd3 My price range is up to £1000 ideally I'd also like to get some monitor. What I'm looking...