1. nodle

    First layer porn pics

    Ok boys let's see those first layer porn pics, we all love them. :love:
  2. cageymaru

    Study Finds That Taking Selfie Pics in Dangerous Situations Is on the Rise

    A recent medical study from India found that 259 people have died in 137 incidents when they practiced dangerous and reckless behavior while taking a selfie picture. They excluded deaths due to mobile phone usage and reports from non-English sources so the number of worldwide deaths could have...
  3. FrgMstr

    Here's Looking at You

    You might be aware that the Juno spacecraft recently crossed over Jupiter's Great Red Spot here very recently, and now the images it took have made it back to Earth. For all you guys that think you are handy with Photoshop can head over to the Mission Juno site, and grab the raw images and are...
  4. D

    Script to download higher quality versions of pictures.

    I made this script (powershell, included in Windows 7+), and thought someone here might find it useful, what it does is do a google image search for every picture in a directory, and save the biggest result in a target directory, using the same name if it's bigger than the original source. So...