1. dizzy51413

    Noob Networking Questions - Firefox, Wireshark, PHP eval

    1. Should Firefox cache2 files ever contain php eval statements? 2. Is it normal for Wireshark pcapng files to contain eval statements? 3. If the only browsers installed on a Debian system are Firefox and Tor, should there be a webkitgtk folder with db under user/.local? Why would webkitgtk...
  2. G

    Website hacked

    Hello, I developed a new website which I installed in a new server and just two days ago pointed the domain to that server. The site is running okay. Earlier I used to test the site using ip address and once satisfied I pointed domain to new server. Last x months of testing didn't reveal...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    Ubiquiti Routing Products Vulnerable to Hijack due to Use of 20 Year Old Version of PHP

    Many of our pro-sumer readers, myself included, have come to like Ubiquiti Networks products over the years for their enterprise-like reliability and management capabilities, but their consumer-like pricing. I should know, I am one of them. The Reg has a story up that might cast some doubt on...
  4. H

    Dynamic Table - Redundancy in Saving data

    One of the features of our project is a dynamic tabular input. We're using PHP programming. It's already working in adding rows. But it duplicates in submitting the data. Another row containing null always appear in the database when saving. I'm new to this dynatable. I'm using mysql in...