1. MavericK

    Portable Screens - any that charge the Deck while playing?

    Long story short, I found a Thinkvision M14 lying around at work and decided to try it with the Deck. Works really well, does PD passthrough via USB-C so I only need Deck -> Display -> Power adapter via USB-C cables. It got me wondering if I could pick up an OLED or otherwise better portable...
  2. I

    Audio issues with KVM

    I've successfully set up GPU pass through with KVM (with Proxmox), but I'm having some annoying issues with audio in my Windows 10 VM. After a lot of experimentation, I found that passing through my motherboard's onboard audio worked best. However, audio still crackles and distorts whenever...
  3. B

    ESXi 6.0 and AMD R9 Fury Working Procedure

    A few days I posted that I had got the AMD R9 Fury working with GPU Passthrough in ESXi in this thread: Passthrough Gaming Rig Upgrade At the time i didn't quite know a step by step procedure of how I got things working (other than "i went to bed"), I just wanted people to know that it was...