1. cageymaru

    Intel Demos 112G PAM-4 Transceiver Utilizing Its 10nm FinFet Process

    Intel has released video of an I/O test demo showcasing its advanced 10nm FinFet process powering the Intel 112G PAM-4 transceiver. The 112 Gbps serial transceiver links will support the demanding bandwidth requirements of future data center, enterprise, and networking environments. The new 112G...
  2. MavericK

    5.1 PCM via optical possible?

    I just bought a set of Logitech Z-906s (still rocking the 5.1 setup) and connected to my Sound Blaster Zx via optical cable. Found out that to get 5.1 audio you have to have a Dolby or DTS source, which most PC games apparently do not support. So, is it possible to get 5.1 PCM output via...
  3. Y

    Optical vs. Mechanical Keyboards. Which do you prefer?

    I know mechanical keyboards have existed since the 80's and have remained relatively unchanged, but yet they're still so popular. I'm curious to know why that is? Due to the fact that optical keyboards use light as an actuation point rather than metal to metal contact like a mechanical...
  4. M

    Fiber Channel LTO Tape Drive Novice

    Hello all, I find that having multi-terabyte hard disk drives and the ability to record HD video means that I have a lot of data that needs backing up. Some quick research lead me to LTO tapes as the most affordable high capacity means of backing up data. So, I went to eBay and bought a used...
  5. Q

    Time for optical video cables?

    Has the time for copper video cables passed? How can we transmit the ever-higher bandwidths required for displays with higher and higher resolutions and frame rates? Will optical cables fit the bill?