1. funkydmunky

    Whatz your oldest system/gear you still use on a daily or regular basis?

    Myself I have an old Core 2 Quad 9400, 6GB RAM Dell system I use as my bed room PC. Upgraded with SSD of course. I'm not a sado-masicust! Watches YT and plays vids just fine. Also my only PC that has a PCI slot so it has my Firewire card for when I need to grab something off an old tape. I also...
  2. M

    Optimal driver for GeForce 600 series? (Mainly 670)

    What is the best driver for the GTX 670? I was wondering this since I've heard reports that NVIDIA hasn't really paid much attention to the Kepler graphics cards and as such they haven't gotten very good drivers recently. If this is the case, then that would mean that there is a specific peak...
  3. A

    How often do you replace your case fans?

    I upgraded my case about a year ago and transferred over a few fans I had in the old one - so currently have 2 stock fractal 140mm fans and 2 cooler master 120mm fans in the case, plus 1 stock cooler master CPU fan.. that means 3 out of 5 of the fans are about 7 years old. I do blow the dust...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    PSU Aging? When to Replace?

    I've been thinking about this one for a few months. How long do you guys keep your power supplies. Until they die? Or does it make sense to preventatively replace them? I have a 6 year old 1200W Silverstone Strider Gold (ST1200-G) that was pretty damned awesome when I bought it, but I have...