1. dvsman

    Is MS Win Server software tied to hardware?

    So I can get an old server from my office to putt around / learn on but I think the thing (Dell PowerXYZ 2600) ran on SB Server 2003 and it's only going to come with the hardware, no docs or drives. I know 2003 is way out of date but if licensing it was free / cheap, I'd give it a shot. Could...
  2. TeK-FX

    Help understanding CALs

    I was recently hired to work for a small company that has about 80 users on a domain. I would like to setup a Skype for Business server to replace the aging Pegasus email system they use for internal communication since their licensing is running out soon. What I do not understand is the CAL...
  3. C

    FS: Windows 8.1 and 10 PRO Licenses

    These licenses are 'single use' or 'OEM' licenses. The PCs that they arrived on have never been online, never activated, and are scheduled to be re-imaged with our volume license. Presently I only have Windows 8.1 PRO and Windows 10 PRO. Windows 8.1 licenses will allow for an easy upgrade to...
  4. Cerulean

    Buying Windows 10 licenses from Microsoft's website

    Greetings! An automotive shop has requested my assistance to upgrade their computers. They bought a handful of Dell OptiPlex 755 from some guy on Craigslist that came preloaded with MSO and Windows 10. In short: undoubtedly pirated. I've informed the owner and he's in agreement, so I am working...