FS: Windows 8.1 and 10 PRO Licenses


Apr 3, 2013
These licenses are 'single use' or 'OEM' licenses. The PCs that they arrived on have never been online, never activated, and are scheduled to be re-imaged with our volume license.

Presently I only have Windows 8.1 PRO and Windows 10 PRO. Windows 8.1 licenses will allow for an easy upgrade to 10.

Paypal accepted.

$20 per Win 10 Pro license
$10 per Win 8 Pro license --- PRICE DROP! Get them before they're useless and can't be upgraded!

Turns out that you can not use a Win 8.1 license to activate a Win 10 install. But you CAN use it to install Win 8.1 and then get the FREE UPGRADE to Win 10.

STATUS: As of right now (11-16-17 2:35 AM EST) I've got 0 Win10 Pro (more on the way!) and 10 Win 8.1 Pro keys.


Download 8.1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows8

Upgrade for free: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/acc...459594)(TnL5HPStwNw-0FBZfNm6YPFXNhiu3o52rA)()

Free Update ENDS in 2018. https://hardforum.com/threads/free-windows-10-upgrades-end-this-year.1947114/

EDIT: HeatWare. I've created an account there since a few people have asked about it. If you've purchased, I'll be messaging you through our conversations for ratings. Heat user name is CombatChris
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Hey man,

Can I get a win 10 pro? What's your PP addy?

PM Sent.

If all of these go through, I'll be out of the Win10. I still have valid Win 7 Pro keys - which WILL allow for a valid upgrade. I'm going to do a clean 10 install myself with one of these to confirm that they'll allow a clean 10 install off the bat.
Got it, man, thanks.

I was just sitting at the keyboard of my new build trying to get windows up and running on it and stumbled across this thread. Poof, new windows serial key from [H] ... and done! Recommend :-D
Unfortunately I left the USB stick where I was storing the keys at the office, so no sales over the weekend.

My apologies to all, this won't happen again - it's going to be cloud based storage from this point onward.
Heh- life happens! I'll give you a holler on Monday if I don't find one before.
Bump back to life!

Inventory updated. I've got only 1 Windows 10 Pro key left and it's pending - but I do have a good number of 8.1 PRO keys which can be activated with an 8.1 Install and then upgraded for free to 10.
Mid-day bump.

People, pick up some Win 8.1 Pro keys and save yourself $5! Links provided to download an ISO as well as the link to upgrade to 10. I snatched one myself for my upgrade to 10. Yes, I'm a dealer who uses his own product!
Bump for the day. I've added to the Win 8.1 Pro keys I've got on hand, and have had some happy customers with them.

Of course I'm looking for more 10's, since they seem to be in greater demand.
Bump TTT with of course the most up to date inventory numbers. Still waiting on more 10's, but the 8.1's work just fine as an upgrade path.
BUMP To the top.

2 new Win10 Pro licenses in stock, and another 8.1 Pro. Count has been updated,
Morning bump!

Updated with link from [H] regarding the free upgrades from 8.1 to 10 are ending December 31st this year. Get your 8.1 keys now on the cheap and sleep easy!

Inventory is accurate.
Happy November bump! Inventory is accurate and I expect to have even MORE Win 10 Pro licenses before not too much longer.

And mentioned before, get 8.1 Pro and upgrade to 10 Pro FREE while it lasts. MS's offer ends at the end of this year.

2x Win 10 Pro keys in stock
10x Win 8.1 Pro keys.

Just as good! Download the ISO, activate, and get free upgrade to Win 10! Several happy customers already.

Time's running out on the free upgrade. Get it before the end of the year.

Another sale, another happy customer. Inventory has been updated.

Git yer Win 8.1 Pro licence on the cheap and upgrade to 10 Pro for free! Get it done before the end of 2017!