1. V

    Ryzen 1950x heats up my entire room, what can I do?

    I like to run Ark: Survival Evolved on Epic with tons of mods and while my 1950X never gets too hot, usually about 40°C, my room is a different story. I have to keep the AC running at all times otherwise the whole room heats up like crazy. What can I do to keep my CPU from heating up my room...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Researchers Develop Heat Sensing Transistors

    Heat is the enemy of high power electronics. As chips continue to shrink, power density has been steadily increasing, and it's becoming more and more difficult to effectively protect chips from heat damage. But researchers at Stanford university have come up with a solution can be baked into...
  3. T

    Long term TIM results

    The thermal paste was a Dynex brand silver compound I bought at Best Buy on my AMD FX-8350 that was applied four years ago. Not dry or cracked as I expected for such a hot CPU that was never overclocked. Still somewhat paste like to the touch and with no CPU heat issues before I removed it too...
  4. L

    Server needs better cooling - What options?

    As the title says I did the (probably big) mistake of buying 2 x Supermicro SC825 TQ-R740LPB 2U chassis. One at the moment is equipped with a X9DR3-F (one socket not working, I will probably need to check for bent pins) and the other with a X9DR3-LN4F+ (both sockets working). Both boards are...
  5. FrgMstr

    Overclocking the Intel Core i9-7900X X-series Processor

    Overclocking the Intel Core i9-7900X X-series Processor - We have finally gotten some time to spend with the new Intel Core i9-7900X, which is a 10-core 20-thread CPU built to be used with the new X299 chipset and motherboard platform. Is this $1000 3.3GHz to 4.3GHz CPU good for overclocking...
  6. S

    Lenovo Y50-70 - thermal pads replacement

    Hi, I'm trying to reduce temps on my y50-70 laptop so after cleaning and undervolting it I figured the next step should be replacing thermal compound/pads. Does anyone know what thickness is used in these laptops? Any other suggestions for cooling it down would be appreciated. :)
  7. suiken_2mieu

    2500k Heat Issue

    So my 2500k has been running stock most of it's life on a stock cooler. It would idle at around 60c and under load it used to not go much over 80c. Then the other day I was checking temps, and it will go to 99c when playing games. I pulled off the heatsink and changed out the thermal grease to...
  8. C

    Samsung 950 Pro m.2 in a mini-ITX case?

    Can this work? I am looking to install one in the sugo SG13 which I am concerned about temperatures already: But I See the Samsung 950 pro 2280 m.2 drive can get up to 100 degrees Celsius! Will this cause any issues or would it be no problem?