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    GPU crashing and corrutping Win10 install

    Hello! So about a week ago I was playing Apex Legends and I got an engine failure crash (memory is grey at this point) I clicked out the error and then my GPU starting throwing artifacts on both of my monitors followed by crashing shortly after. Upon rebooting the PC went into...
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    LGA1150 mobo with 4790k died, upgrade or buy refurbished mobo?

    Hello, My mobo has finally given up the ghost. CPU appears ok, had it OC’d to 4.8GHz stable. Got 1080ti and I use it primarily for gaming. Got 1440p 144Hz monitor with G-Sync and loving it. Two issues: 1. Can’t buy decent LGA1150 mobo anymore (z97) - the cheapest option, IF I could find a...
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    6-8 Pin Connector for Graphics Card

    So I built my first system a while back and am currently using a GPU that uses duel 6 Pin connectors for its power consumption. However I am getting ready to remodel my system and recently purchased a GPU that requires two 8 Pin instead of 6 Pin not thinking it would be a problem. However after...