1. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Shows Off Their Super Bowl Drones

    While some companies worked on keeping rogue drones out of Super Bowl LIII, Intel put on quite a show with their own fleet of drones. A press release on their website mentions that Intel operated 150 "Shooting Star" drones simultaneously, which smashed Intel's previous record of flying 110...
  2. R

    Madden NFL 18 Coming to ESPN

    ESPN has made an announcement today that themselves, Disney, and the NFL have signed a multiyear deal to broadcast the Madden NFL Championship Series and future leagues surrounding the franchise. The agreement will broadcast two Madden-based leagues: The Madden NFL 18 Club Championship and the...
  3. M

    Why Madden 96 Never Released on the PlaySation

    With every new football season, there comes the annual edition of Madden. EA still maintains an exclusive contract with the NFL to publish football games based on the license. But did you know Madden '96 never saw a release. The game even had a four-page spread on Next Generation magazine -- if...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    Future NFL 1st-Rounder Deshaun Watson Trained to Pick up Blitzes in VR

    Well, there's another practical application for VR. NCAA teams are now using VR to help train their players to quickly identify plays and respond to them. Deshaun Watson apparently spent up to 40% of his time in VR practicing how to recognize and pick up blitzes. This seems to have paid off...