Intel Shows Off Their Super Bowl Drones


Mar 3, 2018
While some companies worked on keeping rogue drones out of Super Bowl LIII, Intel put on quite a show with their own fleet of drones. A press release on their website mentions that Intel operated 150 "Shooting Star" drones simultaneously, which smashed Intel's previous record of flying 110 drones indoors at CES 2018. The chip giant also says that the drones flew a pre-programmed path, but did so without any help from GPS.

Check out the video of the Super Bowl drones here.

Anil Nanduri: "When we received the opportunity to bring our drone light show technology back to the Super Bowl, we were excited by the challenge to execute it live and within a closed stadium environment. We collaborated with the show producers, both creatively and technically, to bring a special and unique show experience to the viewers. It was an honor to have performed with Maroon 5 to create a memorable experience for those watching live from their seats in the stadium and for viewers watching at home."
Didn't think anything could be more boring than the video... and Intel says "hold my beer" and doesn't disappoint.
The NFL can suck a big dick as far as I'm concerned. AS much as I never liked the Saints, that POS Rams team should have not been in the SB...
I didn't even bother watching the SB this year.
I don't blame the Rams. I blame the refs.

That said, this superbowl was pretty terrible.
Even though the superbowl was less than ideal, the thought of what it takes to create such a production is pretty impessive feat. Even if just focusing on what it took to have perfect timing for the fly over to half time setup. Impressive stuff. The drones were fun to see, even before 100% knowing it was intel I told the family they were intel drones and it appeared it may break a world record. Well done!
Didn't stay for the drones, tuned in to check the score, just in time to see the no call against the pats for pass interference, exclaimed out loud, "R U FKN SERIOUS" and booted up a movie on netflix.