1. R

    New Xbox Elite Controller Leaks

    A series of images posted on Chinese site Baidu reveal what is said to be a new version of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. According to the leaker, is said to have a 3-profile switch, as well as Bluetooth with support for Windows 10, USB-C, and three-level Hair-Trigger locks. The images also...
  2. S

    Elite: Dangerous

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS I recently bought this HOTAS as my overall pick of the market. It was designed in conjunction with Elite: Dangerous, which didn't really sell me on the stick, but did sell me on Elite this weekend while I was looking for something else to test the HOTAS with...
  3. Lifelite

    Elite Dangerous Aliens!!!

    Not sure if there are any elite players here, if so you probably already have heard: Probably one of the most awesome things to happen in the game since launch. Looks like the Thargoids are finally making an appearance, let's see how this plays out.
  4. O

    Elite: Dangerous Locked to 44fps while using Vive

    Hi guys, I am having serious trouble getting Elite: Dangerous to work on the HTC Vive. I get lots of stuttering when looking around (though not while moving, oddly). EVGA precision reports 44fps in the game window that displays on the monitor. I don't know if this framerate is necessarily the...
  5. L

    Vive vs. Elite: Dangerous, stuttering

    Has anyone else whose Vive has arrived tried Elite? Loading into the cockpit for the first time was by far the biggest "wow" moment I've had with it so far, which is saying something. The sensation of really being in the ship is just ridiculous. BUT. Then I took off, and there's not quite a...