1. cageymaru

    Passively Cooling the Intel i9-9900K

    Der8auer on YouTube has experimented with passively cooling an Intel i9-9900K with the ARCTIC Alpine 12; a passive CPU cooler. The ARCTIC Alpine 12 is only rated to handle 47 watts so Der8auer wasn't expecting much out of the unit. Although the passive cooler showed that it was more capable than...
  2. cageymaru

    An Analysis of the Z390 Socket Proves the Extra Pins Aren't Necessary

    Der8auer on YouTube (Roman Hartung) has performed an in-depth analysis of the Z390 socket where he physically extracted the pins from a dead Z370 board and measured how much of an load each pin can take. After applying up to 5 amperes of power to the pin, he concluded that it can easily...
  3. DooKey

    A Different Kind of Liquid Cooling for a Server

    Lots of people water cool their PC's, but not many go to the extremes that YouTuber der8auer will go to. His latest creation is an Epyc server and it has the standard water cooling blocks on it. However, he goes one better and has liquid blowing across the motherboard. Once you see it you'll...
  4. DooKey

    YouTuber Hits 6 ghz with Ryzen 2700X on ASUS Crosshair VII Hero Using LN2

    YouTuber der8auer has set a new Geekbench record with his overclocked Ryzen 2700X running on an ASUS Crosshair VII Hero motherboard with LN2 cooling. His 6ghz with the 2700X is a new record for the Ryzen family of processors. All in all this is a great thing for AMD and it seems like the new...
  5. DooKey

    Ryzen 5 2400G Delidded With Before and After Temps

    YouTuber der8auer has posted a nice video that shows him delidding the new Ryzen 2400G APU. He was able to reuse a Coffee Lake delidding tool with a small insert so that will save you some money if you already own one of those. If you are hoping for an improved overclock after delidding you...
  6. R

    Der8auer Gets Epyc Working on X399

    YouTuber and extreme overclocker De8auer has gotten an Epyc CPU working on an X399 Threadripper motherboard.. sort of. In his testing Der8auer has found that there is a single ID pin on Epyc that when covered, will allow you to partially boot an Epyc CPU. The BIOS stopped loading at memory...