A Different Kind of Liquid Cooling for a Server


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Lots of people water cool their PC's, but not many go to the extremes that YouTuber der8auer will go to. His latest creation is an Epyc server and it has the standard water cooling blocks on it. However, he goes one better and has liquid blowing across the motherboard. Once you see it you'll have to admit it's definitely one of a kind. Take a look at the video.

Watch the video here.
That is a big case. Pretty sure you wil not see thise in any data center, any time soon. Neat exercise though.
cascade cooling with a liquid would work exceptionally well, for example with an oil or something that can easily transport the heat away and be able to be recovered without making a horrible mess :O
Mineral oil? Isn't that too thick though? What other fluid type would be non-conductive but thin enough to work with a sprayer?
Thanks for posting. Had seen submerged Pc's before, but never cascading like that. Very cool.