data mining

  1. C

    Watching You: Companies that spy together, profit together

    The smart homes, stupid users saga continues. When Amazon, Apple and Google work together you know we're doomed. The innocuous sounding Project Connected Home over IP has the backing of every major data collection company (agency) in most of the universe - except Facebook, but that's a...
  2. cageymaru

    Facebook Employees Panic After Apple Revokes the Company's Enterprise Certificate

    Thousands of Facebook employees have lost all access to internal iOS corporate apps because Apple has revoked the company's enterprise license that allows Facebook to develop apps outside of the Apple App Store for internal use only. This has caused widespread panic at the social media giant as...
  3. cageymaru

    Los Angeles Alleges the Weather Channel App Deceptively Mined User Data for Profit

    The city of Los Angeles is suing the Weather Company for deceptively marketing location services in its Weather Channel app as only used to localize weather reports. In fact it is alleged that consumers had their private geolocation information data mined by the intrusive tool masquerading as a...
  4. cageymaru

    Google Allows Apps to Scan Gmail Accounts and Freely Share Data with Others

    Google has admitted in a letter to Congress that it still allows apps to data mine Gmail accounts, read emails, and share user data freely with others by using tools provided by Google. These tools allow 3rd party companies to access data about purchases, travel, family and friendship...
  5. R

    Data Mining In Minecraft Digs Up Dark Secrets

    A Minecraft player named Matt B., whose Reddit username is “worldseed,” is data-mining old servers in search of players’ darkest secrets. Matt wrote two programs in Java: BookReader.jar and SignReader.jar. These applications scan a Minecraft map for every book and sign left behind by players...